Lin Craven

Linda Craven

Head Housekeeper

Expertise: Lin is our Head Housekeeper and part of the client carer team.  A real walking and talking “mother hen,” she creates a wonderfully relaxing and caring atmosphere at Homefield.  Experience and knowledgable on every aspect of our programmes, we’re proud to say that she has been with us since 2008.

Passion in life:

Helping others be the best that they can

What I enjoy about working at Homefield:

It is a home from home, so relaxing and very friendly.  Everyone has such a passion for what they are doing here.

What difference do you see in the people that come and do our programmes?

They become totally stress free, you can see their mind and bodies becoming renewed.  Guests start to look at their bodies differently and they start looking forward with hope for the future.  They learn how to respect themselves again and walk away with a new glow.


Walking, reading, being with animals

Think of a valuable tip that you could give our clients

Look at your time here with us as an opportunity to change, not as a challenge.  It is really time to re-connect with yourself again

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