Hayley Crick

Hayley Crick

Holistic Therapist

Expertise: Hayley is our longest team member, joining Homefield in 2005.  She is a sought after therapist for her experience and expertise in delivering the beauty and holistic therapies we offer at Homefield.  She particularly enjoys working with feet and we love her for it!

Passion in life:

My new baby boy Freddie

What I enjoy about working at Homefield:

We are always keeping up to date. Every member of staff love what they do and we all support one another. Some of the staff including me have worked at Homefield since it began back in 2005.

What difference do you see in the people that come and do our programmes?

People value their health, their bodies and themselves more. Clients tell me every week that it has given them the kick start they needed to get back on track again.


fashion, reading, swimming

Think of a valuable tip that you could give our clients

This is your time, so when you arrive at Homefield and have unpacked try and leave the outside world alone. Think about putting back into you the wear and tear that life can sometimes take from us.

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