Hans Looser

Hans Looser

Gourmet Raw Food Chef & Director Homefield Grange

Expertise: Qualified as a Gourmet Raw Food Chef at the prestigious Living Light Institute, California.  Hans leads the team with his passion and skill in the kitchen.

Passion in life:

Health, wellness, music, skiing, creating tasty and healthy food, inspiring lifestyle change.

What I enjoy about working at Homefield:

I love hearing the comments, “but it’s so easy,” Helping clients live well and showing them practical, realistic ways of doing it, gives me a lot of pleasure. Cutting through the confusion for people and giving motivation to eat well is very rewarding.

What difference do you see in the people that come and do our programmes?

The physical transformation of clearer skin, brighter eyes, weight loss etc are all really evident, but what’s really inspiring is the mental/emotional shift they experience. They look at themselves and the world around them differently.


Reading, listening to music, golf, watching Top Gear, good movies.

Think of a valuable tip that you could give our clients

Take a photo the day you arrive at Homefield for yourself and take one again at the end of your stay and compare the difference. You can then witness for yourself the change that others notice in you.

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