Claire Bogust

Claire Bogust

Holistic Therapist

Expertise: A passionate therapist, who brings a very holistic approach to her delivery of therapies.  Qualified and experienced in a huge variety of therapeutic practises.

Passion in life:

Eating healthy food, spending time with my family,

What I enjoy about working at Homefield:

I love working in a truly holistic way with our clients, mind, body and soul. Homefield offers the right environment to be able to deliver therapies that create balance and alignment. If we feel balanced, it helps us cope with whatever challenges come our way in life.


Reading, walking, listening to music, learning about health,

What difference do you see in the people that come and do our programmes?

Change – on many levels. People remember themselves again and get back in touch with what’s truly important.

Think of a valuable tip that you could give our clients

Find things in your life that help you connect with whatever makes you smile. Each day make a gratitude list to help you stay focused on the positives of being alive.

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