Ann Evans

Ann Evans

Client Carer

Expertise: A wonderful, caring professional who will make sure you’re treated as a valued guest whilst at Homefield.

Passion in life:

My grandchildren and life itself

What I enjoy about working at Homefield:

I love the friendly relaxed atmosphere. A client told me the other day that she feels like staying at Homefield is like having a mother duck’s supporting arm around you. You know you will be well looked after.

What difference do you see in the people that come and do our programmes?

You can see their energy levels change for the better, they have a fresher face, you can really see the difference in their skin. Clients seem to have a better, bigger zest for life after doing a detox.


Gardening, reading, holidays

Think of a valuable tip that you could give our clients

Make more soup, it is such an easy, nutritious and nourishing snack to make when you get home. Watch us one night in the kitchen during your stay so we can show you how we do ours, for some inspiration.

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