Treatment Prices
Testing/lifestyle/Nutritional Advice £90*
*Discount of £30 if any 2 of these treatments are booked.

Biological Age Report

What age is your body really and what needs to be done to Turn Back Time?

Looks at arterial health, biological age, BMI, Blood Pressure. Gives a full report offering sound lifestyle/nutritional/anti-ageing advice tailored to the individual.

What is Biological Age?

Biological age is determined by a complicated combination of factors such as cells and tissue function; physical structure of the body; and cognitive function.

We all know someone who looks ten or fifteen years younger than their chronological age. By in large health conscience people, almost uniformly look far younger than their 'real' age. Equally, we all know, or have seen, that unfortunate person who looks decades older than they are - perhaps through a combination of bad posture, wrinkly skin or that smoker's cough.

The good news is that, as individuals, the way we age is largely in our own hands. To optimise your biological age, organise your life - even if it means a gradual lifestyle shift - so that you get enough exercise, have a good work/life balance, eat a fruit and vegetable-rich diet, reduce or cut out alcohol and smoking, and are exposed to minimal stress levels. Your future health really does rest in your own hands.

The Equipment

The device used for our test has been developed by a company who have supplied medical equipment around the world since 1975. This machine, along with specialised computer software, initially determines and then progressively keeps track of a client’s biological age and other health indicators.

How Does It Work?

Our device measures changes in blood volume caused by the pulse wave. By detecting the pulse wave pattern and calculating the volume of blood being delivered, along with arterial softness, gives an indication of the condition of a client’s arteries, the amount of oxygen being delivered to the skin and other vital organs. Results are then analysed by specialist computer software and the client’s biological age is calculated. Our therapist will then make the appropriate recommendations and provide a full report.

Biological Age Testing at Homefield Grange Detox Retreat Wellness & Weight Loss Spa

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