Homefield Sugar Detox

Tired of being a Sugar Addict?

If so, here’s your chance to kick the pure white and deadly drug for good!

We all know that sugar is bad for us, but it is also highly addictive and it can be hard to break the habit on your own.  Perhaps you’re bored with hearing all the reasons why sugar’s naughty, truth is, whether you’re getting your fix from, alcohol, bread, cakes, sweeties or chocolates, sugar is the leading contributor to health issues such as depression, hormonal imbalance, excess weight, skin issues, cancer, dementia, infertility and heart disease. 

We’ve designed our Sugar Buster Detox specially for those of you want to break free from sugar cravings and regain control of you life and health.  Giving up sugar is always hardest the first few days, that’s why you’ll love our expertise in lifting you over the first few hurdles.


What is The Sugar Detox?

Understanding the physiological and psychological drivers to beating sugar is an essential part of your success.  That’s why we’ve designed our Sugar Detox the way we have.  Here’s what you can look forward to…

Balance Blood Sugar Levels & Break Cravings – Designed by our Raw Food Chef, you’ll follow a sugar, wheat, gluten & dairy free diet, all plant based, designed to detox and break sugar addiction.  Beating cravings is so much easier with balanced blood sugars.

Targeted Nutritional Supplements – Our expert Naturopathic Nutritionists know what supplements to give you for extra support in making sugar withdrawal easy.  You’ll start your supplement protocols during your stay and have plenty to take home with you for to continue the good work.

Re-establishing good gut health is vital for your success in giving up sugar – if you’ve been hitting the sugar then you may well have an overgrowth of parasites, yeasts, moulds and bacteria in your gut that can drive sugar cravings.  These guys just love you feeding them sugar and demand more and more. Our professionally administered Colon Hydrotherapy with cleansing herbs will help restore good bacterial balance, diminishing the desire for sugar and helping you to keep on track. 

A G5 lymphatic massage is included to help remove toxins, boost blood cleansing circulation and stimulate a sluggish liver.  Beneficial as well as relaxing, a G5 is the perfect way to rid the body of excesses.

Reflexology is included in your package to help you relax, reduce stress levels and identify areas of the body that need attention.

Our ‘Homefield Signature Treatment’ includes an all over body brush, followed by a body exfoliation.  Your therapist will then place a warm castor oil liver pack over your tummy while you drift away with a relaxing scalp massage.  You’ll boost your circulation, eliminate dead skin cells, help clear the sugar toxins from the liver and feel fresh and cleansed inside and out. 

Lifestyle & Diet Consultation – Your consultation with our nutritionist will discuss your personal concerns and lifestyle challenges.  You’ll be given a seven day food plan with recipes for returning home, which you can repeat as often as you would like.

Reduce Cortisol Levels – High cortisol levels are often a powerful driver towards the biscuit barrel, so it’s essential your mind feels balanced and your body relaxed to minimise the release of this overused hormone.  Cortisol and excess sugar are a recipe for ill health.  Learn to let go with our mediation, yoga stretch and gentle nordic walking classes. 

Additional treatments may be booked from our extensive therapy list, from pampering massages, reflexology, vitamin infusions, anti-ageing facials, body scrubs and wraps – all designed to help you look and feel amazing.

Homefield’s Daily Programme – In addition you’ll be inspired by motivating talks on how to continue your success on returning home – we’ll even ‘show you’ how you can do it for yourself with practical food demonstrations, health talks and product advice.

Would it suit me? – This would be the ideal programme for you if you want real food and an enjoyable and supportive week to help you break the chains that sugar and simple carbs have over your energy, weight and life

Homefield Sugar Detox Supplements
Homefield Body Brushing
Ultimate Detox Package
What Else Is Included?

All meals

Pukka Teas in Bedrooms

Tea Pig Drinks

3 hours exercise every day from Nordic Walking, Yoga, Stretch, Fit For Life Cardio

Use of Studio & Gym Equipment

Daily Infra Red Sauna

Going Home Snacks

Food Demonstrations

Practical Health Talks

Nightly Health Movies

Arrival Gift Water Bottle

Filtered & Purified Mineral Water

Homefield’s Stay on Track 7 Day Post Sugar Detox Menu Plan

What Food Will I Be Eating on The Sugar Detox?

This programme includes real, homemade, natural foods that help control your blood sugars, prevent cravings and balance hormones. 

A typical day’ menu plan: 

Breakfast: Sugar free muesli/almond milk, Avocado/Flaxseed Crackers

Lunch: Plant based superfood meal

Dinner: Homemade fresh soup, plant based


What Supplements Are Included in the Sugar Detox?

High quality, practitioner recommended supplements will be given to help your body detoxify from refined sugars.  Other additional supplements may be recommended for you long term, however our protocol includes the following:

Food grown Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium & Antioxidants  – helps balance blood sugar levels, reduces appetite, helps with weight management and reduces sugar cravings.

Food grown Daily Multi Nutrient – if your diet is lacking in key nutrients, your body will be deficient in certain minerals & vitamins, this in itself will trigger food cravings as your body is searching to find the nutrition it needs.

High Strength Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids – improves insulin sensitivity, may help with preventing storage of abdominal fat, shown to help lower blood cholesterol, helps with sugar cravings.

Multi Strain Probiotics – restores good bacteria in the gut, keeps bowel movement regular for removal of toxins.

*Medication may be affected by supplements.  Your practitioner will advise you individually at your programme check in appointments.

What Is the Accommodation Like?

Your bedrooms are safe, secure, comforting and private, (watch the short video on our accommodation page under ‘About’ to view our beautiful bedrooms and make the right choice for you).  Your room will be serviced daily, have comfy beds and are ‘made up’ with Egyptian cotton sheets.

We provide toiletries, (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel), dressing gowns, hairdryers and towels for your stay.

When Does the Sugar Detox Run?

Homefield is open throughout the year, nothing hired or rented.  Your Sugar Detox package runs every week, beginning on a Monday at 11.30am and finishes on a Sunday at 12.30pm.  To book call us on 01536 712219 between 10am and 4pm or contact us via email on our contact page.

What Do I Bring?

A full list of items will be sent to you on booking. 

What is the Cost of the Sugar Detox?

Premium  Room £2095

Superior Room £2015

Large Classic  Room £1899

Classic Room £1847

Small Classic Room with Shared Bathroom  £1779

Twin or Couple Share £1895 pp

Homefield 1 Day Kick Starter

Bryan Connellan

Got amazing results for my weight, skin and was able to cut down on my diabetic medication. Wish I'd done it years ago - would highly recommend it.*


*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs