Hello & Welcome to Homefield Grange

Our luxury detox retreat, healthy weight loss and ‘well being’ packages are perfect for valued clients who want to cleanse, revitalise, relax, lose weight and recharge. Homefield Grange is an exclusive, dedicated and bespoke detox retreat and health spa that is the ideal choice for anyone who wants more than just a 'weight loss holiday'. Qualified practitioners deliver, with passion and expertise, ‘results driven’ programmes that really make a difference to the way people think, feel, eat and live. Each person is treated as a unique individual. Some clients are searching for that “quick fix kick start” for healthy weight loss, or time away from a stressful world to relax in luxury and re-focus, whilst others may be looking for professional guidance for a specific long term wellbeing goal, health coaching, or simply to pad around in dressing gowns and be pampered. We offer them all.

"Qualified in Naturopathy and Nutrition, I helped create Homefield Grange as a permanent, dedicated wellness retreat in 2006 with the desire to help clients find the time and space to focus on their diet and lifestyle away from a challenging world. I have always been passionate about helping clients attain their goals of looking and feeling great, which needs to begin from the inside out. I truly believe that health is our most valuable commodity; something which we often take for granted. My professional caring team and I would like to offer you the opportunity to come along to Homefield Grange Detox Retreat and be looked after by us as you find your 're-set' button and remind yourself how valuable you truly are."

  • Exclusive, Secure & Professional, Homefield Grange Ltd is small and exclusive, open all year, nothing hired, centrally located in Northamptonshire and allows only 15 clients per week to enjoy the benefits achieved from its residential programmes
  • Quality in everything we do from the professionally administered colon hydrotherapy through to the Egyptian cotton sheets, state of the art equipment, purified water, holistic treatments and luxury décor
  • Juice fasting or healthy eating options, no temptations or distractions promoting healthy weight loss
  • Holistic Therapies Available, with an extensive list of treatments, making us a perfect venue for re-balancing your mind, body and soul

Beautiful Venue, Luxury Accomodation, Healthy Eating or Juice Fasting Options.


Our health and wellbeing detox retreat and healthy weight loss spa programmes offer the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life and we are proud to be the market leaders of luxury residential wellness programmes here in the UK.  To find out more about how we can help you, please call us on 01536 712219 and speak to one of our coordinators Sue or Zoe, (Reception Hours 9.30am-4.00pm daily), or contact us through the website here for our prices and availability. We look forward to seeing you soon.

why we are the best"I'm just back from my first 6 night stay in this jewel of a detox retreat. Each day you are provided with delicious healthy juices made from a combination of fruit and vegetables. In the evenings all the guests sit down to hot sumptuous vegetable soup, a different flavour every evening. Alongside this, there are walks and exercise classes and a good range of treatments for well being and beauty. My room was large... read more"

valerie_rose_sheldon, Stayed November 2014